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Emma Stebbins Obituaries

Emma Stebbins Tribute.jpg
Obituaries taken from Emma Stebbins scrapbook: Scrapbook inluding photographs of Stebbins, her dogs, and her sculpture, a sketch of Stebbins with her dog, clippings, and biographical notes. Compiled by Mary Stebbins Garland, Emma Stebbin's sister.The…

Letter from William Henry Seward to Frances Miller Seward, June 30, 1863

Charlotte and Emma Cushman are with the Sewards Credit Seward Family Digital Archive

Wallack's Memories of Fifty Years (1889)

1889. Wallack_ Memories of Fifty Years - Omeka.pdf
Wallack presents himself grateful to Charlotte Cushman who was supportive of him as an actor. Credit Hathi Trust

Petition "To the Laws of Property as They Affect Women," Feb 16, 1856

Carlyle, Cushman, Hays, Browning, and Jewsbury signed the petition Credit The Carlyle Letters Online/CLO

Letter from Jane Welsh Carlyle to Charlotte Cushman, [September 1862]

Oh my dear dear Friend! Was there ever the like of this? What cross purposes! What have I gone and done? Is it I who have made a huge mistake, or you who have changed your programme? It was clear in my mind, that you were not to start for Rome till…

Letter from Jane Welsh Carlyle to Charlotte Cushman, Jan 31, 1862

CCP 16, JWC to CC, Jan 31, 1862 - hugs and kisses.pdf
Carlyle tells Cushman about her illness and how happy she was to hear from Cushman in a letter. Carlyle is very fond of Cushman. She also had a "fearful row with Geraldine Jewsbury" which she tells Cushman about. Credit Library of Congress,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Jane Welsh Carlyle, Nov 16, 1861

Charlotte Cushman writes a letter from Rome. She flatters Carlyle by telling her how she remembers her.

Letter from Jane Welsh Carlyle to Charlotte Cushman, [early September 1861]

Carlyle writes about Spiritual Magnetism and a note from Cushman. Eventually, she tells Cushman about "strange" men among which is her husband.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Madam Venturi, Nov 22, 1869

A letter of introduction by Charlotte Cushman for Helen Hunt.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Helen Hunt Jackson, Sep 7, 1869

Emma Stebbins informs Helen Hunt about Charlotte Cushman's health after her operation. Stebbins is devastated to see her "dearest friend" suffer.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.