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Emma Stebbins Obituaries

Emma Stebbins Tribute.jpg
Obituaries taken from Emma Stebbins scrapbook: Scrapbook inluding photographs of Stebbins, her dogs, and her sculpture, a sketch of Stebbins with her dog, clippings, and biographical notes. Compiled by Mary Stebbins Garland, Emma Stebbin's sister.The…

Northern Star about Charlotte Cushman, June 28, 1845

1845. Northern Star, Intro of Cushman, June 28. p. 8 Untitled Article - Omeka.pdf

THE PRINCESS'S THEATRE.—The manager of this, "the prettiest theatre in London," deserves well of the English public for introducing to them Miss Cushman, the American actress. She is by far the best female performer on the stage. Devoid of…

Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, July-Dec 1845 (Vol. 2)

1845. Athenaeum v.2.pdf
Remarkably, Cushman's sister Susan and her mother are mentioned in the reports as wanting "a share of the fruits of Shakspeare's island." Cushman is characterized as a gifted and "prosperous actress." Credit Hathi Trust

Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, Jan-June 1845 (Vol. 1)

1845. Athenaeum v.1 - Omeka.pdf
Excerpts from the Athenaeum issues from the first half of 1845, which mention Charlotte Cushman;The passage praise Cushman as a versatile genius on stage despite at times gender-bending practices. The first volume of 1845 shows how the British press…

The Northern Star, Cushman Arriving in England, Dec 14, 1844

1844. The Northern Star, Cushman Arriving in England, Dec 14 - Omeka.pdf

AN AMERICAN ACTRESS, Miss Cushman , celebrated in the highest walks of the drama, has arrived in England.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, [1869]

Charlotte Cushman mentions "Miss E Wood of Rome, a very fine scholar, a good critic, & one who has ways of getting information."For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Dec 29, 1870

Charlotte Cushman refers to a "Note of Welcome" that Helen Hunt published recently and which speaks favourably about Cushman. Charlotte is grateful to Helen.She speaks fondly of Emma Stebbins's sister, Mrs. Garland.For transcripts, please visit…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Grace Greenwood, June 15, 1854

DMR CC to Greenwood, 1854 June 15.pdf
Charlotte Cushman tells Grace Greenwood about the change of her reputation after performing the role of Queern Katherine. She touches upon the heartbreak that she suffered from because Matilda Hays left her in London to be with Harreit Hosmer in Rome…

"Actresses Unhappy Wives," Port Jervis Evening Gazette, Oct 15, 1870

AHB on CC Unhappy Wives.pdf
The article is based on the author's knowledge of Charlotte Cushman and deems Cushman to be "satisfied" with her husbandless condition of "virginity." Credit NewspaperArchive

"Masculine Women," Liberator, Jan 15, 1858

Article on Hosmer. 1858. Masculine Women. Liberator.pdf
Mrs. Frances D. Gage criticizes an article in the Home Journal about the masculinity of women in jobs associated with men. She publishes her article in the Missouri Democrat, the article given here is a reprint, and takes Harriet Hosmer as her prime…