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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, June 7, 1870

Emma Stebbins suffers from problems with her eyes. Emma Stebbins, Emma Crow Cushman, and Charlotte Cushman are in Paris.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Jan 10, 1870

Charlotte Cushman criticizes the "looseness" of New York's divorce law and concept of marriage.Helen Hunt is going back to the US and leaves England. Charlotte shares her thoughts on feeling homesick. Emma Stebbins is with Cushman but not in good…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Dec 21, 1869

Charlotte Cushman is back in Rome with Emma Stebbins and Emma Crow Cushman. Apparently, Helen Hunt warned her after the last letter that some of the "dangerous words inside" the last letter could have been read through the envelope. Many friends…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mary Cushman, April 17, 1845

CCP 1, 26-27, CC to mother 1845, April 17 (disapproval) - OV Omeka.pdf
The letter discusses an incident of "beastly conduct of a woman" who Charlotte once defended and called her "intimate friend." Charlotte fears being "implicated by any misrepresentation of hers." Charlotte hopes that her mother's "account was a…

"The New England Girl," The Woman's Voice, Jan 17, 1895

1895. Womans Voice. New England Girl.pdf
Harriet Prescott Spofford celebrates various examples of "The New England Girl" among whom she identifies Charlotte Cushman as a great actress that fascinated both men and women. The latter especially in her later life. The article also mentions Anne…

"Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 9, 1876

1876. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Cushman - Rome - Virgins.pdf
The article is a reprint from The Boston Sunday Courier, the source is given here. The author J.S.H. recounts the time he spent in Rome in 1852-1853. Harriet Hosmer, Grace Greenwood, and Charlotte Cushman were part of a group of five that were known…

"Interesting to the Ladies: Eastern Women. Love and Literature," Home Journal, March 4, 1854

1854. Home Journal. Interesting to the Ladies - Cushman - Greenwood.pdf
Eliza Cook and Grace Greenwood are mentioned as Charlotte Cushman's intimate friends and Charlotte is characterized as feminine and honorable.

"A Dangerous Party," Portsmouth Inquirer (Ohio), March 11, 1853

1853. Portsmouth Inquirer. Hosmer - Cushman - Hays - Happy Family - Dangerous Party.pdf
The exact same wording as in the Daily Evening Star (Washington DC) from Feb 25, 1853, except for one word. "a Nice Party" has been replaced by "A Dangerous Party." Credit Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 22, 1864

CCP Box 2 1864 Jan 22.pdf
Charlotte calls herself a "Mum" and Emma her "daughter" in this letter. She is criticizing Longfellow and critiquing the January issue of the Atlantic. Among other issues, Cushman is discussing "war" and "peace" democrats, the administration, Harriet…

Letter from Kate Field to Emma Crow, July 10, 1860

CCP 11, 3300-3301, Field, Kate to CC and ES, July 10, 1860.pdf
Field admits her disappointment in not being able to see Romeo (referring to Charlotte Cushman) and her Juliet. She addresses Cushman with the pronoun 'he.' In a witty account, Field teases Crow about her age, heritage, and appearance. Field…