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Health of Charlotte Cushman, The New York Times, Oct 2, 1869

Speculation on Cushman's health after an operation

Miss Charlotte Cushman's Health - Letter to the Editor from Dr. Sims in The New York Times, Oct 3, 1869

Dr. James Marion Sims replies to an article of The New York Times of Oct 2, 1869, and feels entitled to comment on Charlotte Cushman's state of health and diagnosis without having treated her on this issue. He had dismissed her health concerns…

Letter from Geraldine Jewsbury to Emma Stebbins, Feb 6, 1877

CCP Box 11 Jewsbury, Geraldine to Stebbins, Emma. Feb 1877. 3462-3471.pdf
While working on the memoir of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins has made a request to Jewsbury, asking for her letters from 30 years ago. Although there are no 'secrets' in those letters, Jewsbury seems reluctant to hand them to Stebbins. The…