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Northern Star about Charlotte Cushman, June 28, 1845

1845. Northern Star, Intro of Cushman, June 28. p. 8 Untitled Article - Omeka.pdf

THE PRINCESS'S THEATRE.—The manager of this, "the prettiest theatre in London," deserves well of the English public for introducing to them Miss Cushman, the American actress. She is by far the best female performer on the stage. Devoid of…

Wallack's Memories of Fifty Years (1889)

1889. Wallack_ Memories of Fifty Years - Omeka.pdf
Wallack presents himself grateful to Charlotte Cushman who was supportive of him as an actor. Credit Hathi Trust

"The Weekly Record," Howitt's Journal, Vol 1, 1847

1847. Howitts. Cushman as an American coming overseas.pdf
Charlotte Cushman is listed among the "representatives of the best portion of American artists" that are a transatlantic product of "true simplicity, such genuine worth, and so natural a possession of the noblest poetic temperament." This…

"Famous Old Maids," Morning Oregonian, July 19, 1895

1895. Morning Oregonian. Famous Old Maids - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The same text as in The Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895, with a different heading. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

" A Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters," Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895

1895. Daily Picayne. Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The article strives for a change of labels used for unmarried, successful women. They have been called 'old maids' but the authors makes a case for the term "women bachelors." Harriet Hosmer is mentioned as a prominent example and Charlotte Cushman…

"Memories of Three Great Women," New-York Tribune, Jul 21, 1890

1890. New York Tribune. Lenox Life of Homser, Cushmann, Stebbins..pdf
The article shares some memories of the private and artistic lives of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins, and Harriet Hosmer. Emma Stebbins is mentioned as Charlotte's "friend" and "sharer in [...] artistic aims and pleasures" who "shared an…

"Charlotte Cushman's First Appearance in England," Harper's Bazar, March 18, 1876

1876. Harpers Bazar. Cushman in England..pdf
James H. Siddons gives a very intimate account of Charlotte Cushman's rise to success in England and describes her struggles and strategies, including a press network and behind-the-scenes accounts. Maddox is characterized as a capitalist,…

"Harriet Hosmer – Charlotte Cushman," Coleman's Rural World, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Colman's Rural World. Cushman and Hosmer - Chicagoan reference Omeka.pdf
An admirer describes Hosmer's studio and her works as well as Charlotte Cushman's home as a location of frequent gatherings.
The article is followed by a poem from Eliza Cook about how to "make your home beautiful."

"Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1868

1868. Chicago Tribune. Hosmer and Cushman in Rome..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Miss Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman," Banner of Light, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Banner of Light. Cushman and Hosmer..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15).The article closes with "Letter from Europe."