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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Jane Welsh Carlyle, Nov 16, 1861

Charlotte Cushman writes a letter from Rome. She flatters Carlyle by telling her how she remembers her.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, [1869]

Charlotte Cushman mentions "Miss E Wood of Rome, a very fine scholar, a good critic, & one who has ways of getting information."For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Helen Hunt Jackson, Oct 5, [1869?]

Emma Stebbins calls Charlotte Cushman her "patient" and is very anxious about Charlotte. Very slowly, Charlotte is recovering from her operation. They plan to visit Emma Crow Cushman with her children soon before returning to Rome.For transcripts,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, March 4, 1870

Cushman is again suffering from the climate in Rome. Emma Stebbins and Emma Crow Cushman are with her.Regarding the quarrel with Grace Greenwood, Cushman writes that mutual friends are now involved in this matter as well. She does not seem to know…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Dec 21, 1869

Charlotte Cushman is back in Rome with Emma Stebbins and Emma Crow Cushman. Apparently, Helen Hunt warned her after the last letter that some of the "dangerous words inside" the last letter could have been read through the envelope. Many friends…

Letter from Kate Field to Cordelia Riddle Sanford, March 1860 (excerpt)

Kate Field tells her aunt about a lively evening she spent in the compancy of Harriet Hosmer and Emma Crow. She also mentions that Charlotte Cushman is en route to England and that Emma Stebbins is making progress on her Lotus Eater (the sculpture is…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Grace Greenwood, July 9, 1852

DMR CC to Greenwood, 1852 July 9.pdf
Charlotte Cushman tells Grace Greenwood about a quarrel with a friend of Hays who thinks that Cushman "stole" Hays from her. At the moment, Grace Greenwood is with Hays but Charlotte will return to them soon. She informs Grace about her travel plans…

"The Education of Our Girls," Vermont Chronicle, Aug 8, 1868

Article on Hosmer. 1868. Grace Greenwood. Education for Girls.pdf
Grace Greenwood takes Harriet Hosmer as a prime example of an unconventional education that has made her a strong a celebrated woman. Greenwood bases her account on her own eyperience and acquaintance with Hosmer in Rome in the 1850s. She counters…

"Personal Intelligence," The New York Herald, July 8, 1860

1860_New York Herald. Mention of Cushman with Stebbins + sculptures.pdf
Emma Stebbins is described as Charlotte Cushman's "friend." The article infroms the reader about three works of Stebbins among which is the bust of Cushman. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"Grace Greenwood in Italy," New Hampshire Statesman, Apr 16, 1853

1853. Home Journal. Greenwood on Roma - Gossip about her Love Life..pdf
The article includes an excerpt from a "private letter" and remarkes that, in London, Greenwood "was the frequent guest of eminent literary and noble personages, her sketches of whom have added much to the value of her letters." Rumors about her love…