Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie and James Fields, July 30, [1868]

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie and James Fields, July 30, [1868]


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Stebbins, Emma, 1815-1882
Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881
Fields, Annie, 1834-1915
Travel Reports
United States--New York City


Cushman is writing on behalf of herself and Emma Stebbins, inquiring about the well-being of the Fields family and asking the Fields to join them for a trip to the White Mountains. Emma has been ill for several days, they have retreated to a farmhouse before going back to New York.


Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Huntington, JTFP, Box 12, FI 710





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[page 1] Dear friends 
How are you? where are you? What are you by this time? and when shall [?] we +++ ourselves in your +++? Have you got +++ enough to read a line from the wanderers? Are you wondering where we are? Are you wanting to hear from us? Are you going to be able to get to the white mountains with us? Do you remember us? Has not the sight of old families & well loved faces. The sight of home cares & occupations - the 

[page 2] sounds of business & the +++ atmosphere crowded from your immediate memory these nomads who address you? and when will you find the leisure sufficiently long to answer these few questions. which though we are not naturally curious +++ are [inserted] suggested by the affection which we feel for the charming meadows of our native land of whose well being we are very anxious to hear! We know you must be awfully busy but still you will give us some "sign" we +++ in excellent health & spirits on the 5"- since there have been bashing & roasting. New York has been as "+++

[page 3] as - "any thing. & " Circumstances over which we had no control have driven us here. to just the very more beautiful farmhouse. I ever saw  in America!" When the weather has been too cool to be pleasant of an afternoon & where one dear Emma has been as ill as any poor soul could be. with another abcess [sic] in her jaw. which jaw I have bid her hold to an unlimited +++ extent & she only replies 'you're another"! & moans in helpless agony. Eight days she has been in bed. & eight nights wide awake as a Yankee [?] enduring such pain as I hope I may never witness again. We are kept prisoners in this lovely place until she is fit to be seen & then we get back to New York we 

[page 4] hope by Saturday, or Tuesday next at the farthest (the 7") to be in Newport there to remain until you shall let us know when you can roam to the mountains with us. On Thursday we shall leave here for New York. address me care of Alex Cushman Chemist [?] Hotel St Germain. 5" avenue & hope to have a line from you. Have you seen Hattie? Mrs Stowe? Mrs Howe?  how is every body. & how are you. which is the alpha & omega of my note. Dear Emma sends best love to you so do I & so does everybody who knows whats [sic] what
Ever your lovingly attached
Charlotte Cushman 


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Fields, Annie, 1834-1915
Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Croton Falls, NY, US

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