Cobbe's Italics: Brief Notes on Politics, People and Places in Italy (1864)

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Cobbe's Italics: Brief Notes on Politics, People and Places in Italy (1864)


Actors and Actresses--US American
Artists--US American
Artists--Sculptors--US American
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue, 1830-1908
Political Affairs
Gender Norms


Among others, the text mentions Hosmer and Cushman. Cobbe describes the Cushman household as a "women club."


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Cobbe, Frances Power, 1822-1904


Trübner & Co., London





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"Here are two of Miss Hosmer's friends, with whom she has lived for some years back in the happy way women club together in Italy. Miss Charlotte Cushman, the celebrated American actress, and Miss Stebbins, another admirable sculpturess and most accomplished lady. Of the society often gathered in that bright house in the Via Gregoriana, the merry feasts where Campagna wild-boars and American oysters were despatched together amid many a jest; the evenings with large assemblies and fine music; or, better far, those with two or three friends only, and Miss Cushman's magnificent readings of Mrs. Browning —of all these pleasant hours, who so has been admitted to share them, is sure to retain a lively recollection. Among all the circles into which the chances of a wandering life may throw us, few, I think, are nearly so charming as that of the great American artists in Rome. Yet they are none of them so thoroughly expatriated from America and rooted in Italy, or so engrossed by their pursuit of art, as to be indifferent to the great struggles of their country. It would be impossible to respect them equally could it be so. Last summer, Miss Cushman (who has long retired from the stage) returned for three months to America, and learning there the need of vast sums for the relief of the sufferers by the war, resumed her profession, realised some fifteen thousand dollars, and offered them as her subscription to the national cause. The " dolce far niente", which is supposed to affect all sojourners under southern skies, does not seem to have gained much upon this lady !"
(Cobbe 414-416)


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Cobbe, Frances Power, 1822-1904, “Cobbe's Italics: Brief Notes on Politics, People and Places in Italy (1864),” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed June 10, 2023,

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