Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Hanson Risley, Dec 12, 1868

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Hanson Risley, Dec 12, 1868


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Crow, Wayman, 1808-1885


Cushman decided to invest in the Seneca Stone Quarry against the will of Wayman Crow who manages her finances.
She repeatedly mentions "our good & noble friend" in her letters to Mr Risley and asks for employment for some of her family members. Her nephew Ned Cushman is currently consul in Rome.


Hanson A. Risley Papers, 1774-1908, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Hanson A. Risley Papers, 1774-1908, Box 7-D, Rubenstein, Duke University





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[page 1] Dear Mr Risley
Your note & enclosures of Sunday 22d Nov. reached me in +++ time in New York. but I had so many engagements & letters pressing upon me before leaving, that I failed to do as I wished — write to you one single word with regard to the Seneca Sand Stone I should very much indeed like to have my interest in some way associated with that of one beloved friend — even indirectly. & therefore have leaned[?] to this investment very much. Circumstances — which I explained to you — with regard to

[page 2] my good friend Mr Crow. prevented my doing it before — but after seeing & talking with you about it. I felt more like taking the responsibility of the investment, independent of his opinion. whatever that might be. But — again comes that objectionable conjunction — it will be the middle of February — before I have the requisite +++ falling in to pay for it. There will be funds then. & if you can arrange to keep it open for me up to that time I shall esteem it a great favour &  will make up my mind to take it deciding now & agreeing to do so. You will kindly let me have a word from you, on receipt of this addressed to me in Rome. care of the consul E. C. Cushman. That I may, in good time give orders about the money &c &c

[page 3] I am so very sorry that I could not get to write as much as this about the matter before I left — but hope I may not have inconvenienced you. or lost my chances I need not say how much I thank you for your kindness in the matter— about your goodness to my step nephew Mr Eaton[?]. in Richmond. I can only say I am grateful to you. & am sure you will serve him if you can for my sake. I hate to be a bore to you or any one associated with our good & noble friend. but if there should come any small office in Boston wh. you could dispose of to a brother of this Mr Eaton in Richmond — I should be equally thankful to you. with the other. He is some little younger then the one in Richmond. & is in somewhat

[page 4] delicate health. He is with his wife child with my half sister in Reading Mass. near Boston. capable of any clerkship & eager to work[?]. his name is James W[?]. Eaton. if it comes absolutely in your way to find something for him to do. I shall be very thankful to you. You shall hear from me about the font. as soon as I reach Rome. but I do not believe you could get one. in Rome — boxed & sent out to you, for nearly double the money. which you tell me would be its price in America — the cost of transportation from Rome is so great. but I have written to the Quarrys [sic] for information. so as soon as I reach Rome. shall be able to send you word all about it. I hope. earnestly. that Hattie continues to improve & that Olive is well & getting more cheerful — in gratitude for what is left to be

[page 1 vertical]
Commend! me to Olive in all affectionateness &
believe me ever — very truy Your obliged
Charlotte Cushman



Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Risley, Hanson A. , 1814-1893


London, UK

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