Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Hanson A. Risley, Jan 8-9, 1869

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Hanson A. Risley, Jan 8-9, 1869


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Risley asked Cushman to order a font for him in Rome. She is calculating the cost for the marble and shipping, considering alternatives, and asking him for permission to order.


Hanson A. Risley Papers, 1774-1908, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Hanson A. Risley Papers, 1774-1908, Box 7-D, Rubenstein, Duke University





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[page 1] Dear Mr Risley,
as soon as I arrived in Rome. I set[?] myself to work about your commission for the font. & have certain information about it which I hasten or forward to you
Rome — in & about the +++ time +++ & new years, is a difficult place to get work done, or even information about it. To-day an estimate has been brought to me which I hasten to give you, and though it will take a long time to get an answer back from you with regard to it I do not dare to take the responsibility of ordering the font without consulting you. After I get your answer, if you still think it worth while to have it from here on learning the +++ of +++ enquiry. it can be just in hand, and excited in 60 days from the time the order is given. but after it is finished

[page 2] & shipped to you +++ there are many delays. & I learn here, that marble is shipped in such immense quantities to New York. That the work is likely to be less costly there. Even than here. but when I have told you the price you can judge — The cost of the font according to your designs[?] in ordinary marble. delivered on board the vessel — will be. 275. Frances [sic]. the fright to New York will be about 8 gold duties 50 p cent, with 2 1/2 p cent commission. The duty paid — consular fees[?] certificates — insurance. fright. &c &c! In ordinary marble will cost you — 485 Francs [inserted] In superior statuary marble – " 620 & you can have it in 60 days from the time the order is given. I may as well tell you that what they call ordinary marble — is the best for such a purpose as your[?] design[?] — &

[page 3] were I ordering it for myself. I should choose the ordinary, over the statuary marble & the difference in cost will be as you see francs 135
Saturday Jany 9"
Since writing the above I have heard of one place. A little distance[?] out of Rome when I may find a font all ready [sic] finished which may suit you. I am going to make Enquiries to day. & if possible will send you word in this letter. if not. as I have have had him to think it over — since yesterday I think I shall run the risk & order the font. for 485 francs. I am sure it will suit you. & as you may be able to arrange, in some manner for the remission of the duty. as it is to be a gift to a church. it will cost you so much less than it could do in New York. That you will be satisfied what I have done — & this time will

[page 4] be +++. I wrote to you on the 12" Dec. & am hoping soon to have a reply. about the stock in the stone quarry — which I hope through your friendy offices, to become possessed of. I trust that your daughters are in good health. Hattie quite restored, & Olive. relieved of her anxiety as to Hatties [sic] health. lifted in heart & mind from her dispondency[?]
commend me to them in all affection & interest let me hear from you — as to whether I have done right in the matter of the font.
& believe me ever very faithfully yours
Charlotte Cushman
We have crowds of Americans this winter in Rome


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Risley, Hanson A. , 1814-1893


Rome, Italy

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