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Sarah Anderton Dilberoglue


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She hosts Charlotte Cushman and Stebbins. In 1848, she performs the role of Juliet to Cushman's Romeo.



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"There is no question but that Sarah's infatuation with Charlotte had an erotic component--one Charlotte encouraged, despite her attachment to Eliza Cook and to any lingering sense of loyalty she may have felt toward Rosalie Sully." (Merrill 148)
Analyzing Cushman's relationships, Merrill observes that "Cushman was reminding Sarah of Eliza Cook's priority in her affections" (149). Overall, Cushman "usually maintained a relationship with one primary partner who was a peer, while she explored the attraction and erotic appeal of a much younger devotee" (Merrill 150). Merrill sketches "the already ambiguous distinctions between degrees of attachment Charlotte encouraged. The lack of available language to distinguish clearly relationships between close female friends from those between women who felt erotic and emotional desire for each other further complicated matters for them. Yet language is all that remains now, and it is only through the ephemeral clues left in the public texts and private correspondence of the women with whom Charlotte was most intimate that we can glimpse the contours of their relationships" (150).

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