Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Jan 3, 1854

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Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Jan 3, 1854


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904
United States--Boston
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Howitt, Mary, 1799-1888
Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Greenwood provides Fields with a list of names and addresses he should send copies to in her place. Fields should sign the copies going across the sea with "with regards from the author."


Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Huntington, JTFP, Box 41, FI 1793





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[page 1] Dear Mr. Fields. The package of books arrived on Saturday. Many thanks to you. As I cannot be in Boston & with you to send in my name, copies from [?] Boston, as soon as possible to certain people. - I will give the names and the addresses as well as I know them.
Miss Anna H. Phillips, Lynn Mass.
Mr. Henry Giles - or [?] +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ [last six words inserted] Bucksport Me [Maine?]
John Whittier Amesbury Mass.
E. P. Whipple [?] – Boston.
Henry W. Longfellow - Cambridge.
Mrs. Henry M. Ames. Owego. N. Y.
Mrs. L. C. Mays Gloucester, Mass.
G. P. R. +++ - +++ Virginia. England.
Mr. +++ +++.
Mrs. Newton Crosland. & Hyde +++ Cottages
Mrs. S. C. Hall - Michael's Place Brompton
Mr. Richard Cobden 103 Melbourne Terrace London.

[page 2] Charles Dickens. Tavistock House. Tavistock Square Lordon
Jordan. & Miss Pardre [?]
+++ +++
Charles +++
Mrs. Cliphart [?] 
Mrs. Rephart [?]
Mr. Robert Chambers
Miss Mary Witford-
Mr. Durham
[last seven items under care of Bennoch]
Mrs. Mary Howitt - Hermitage +++. London
Mr. M. T. +++ - Albany [?]. near Guildford – Surrey.
Mr. Charles — 5 Bishopsgate without - London
Mr. Joseph +++ Birmingham
Dr. Joseph Laurie — 12 Lower Berkley St. Portman Sq. [Square] London
Mr. John Kengon - 39 +++ Place
Mrs. E. P. Bowning care of the Kengon. do. do. do.
Miss Charlotte Cushman - care of Dr. +++ +++ +++ Mr. Francis Bennoch. London.
Mr. Proctor — (Barry Cornwall)
+++ +++ Earl of Carlisle — care of Bennoch
and Joseph Marzini [?] - care of +++ Charles Gilpin [?] in same package.

[page 3] +++.
Sir Philip Crampton. Merrion Square Dublin.
Miss Marianne Neill. 2 Albion Place Belfast.
Mr. Eyre Massay [?] Shaw — Stamp office Cork. –
Please will you be kind enough to
+++ write "with the regards of the author" - or something of the sort.
I mean in the foreign books - +++. I mean the copies to go across the water. If you have already sent to Bennoch please send one to +++ for me
in place of the one I order for B. I want to send some copies to Rome — Can you tell me how it can
be done? If you have not already sent the "15 +++" you speak of. to me. do not do so - I do not want them before the 2nd edition. I hope that Whipple will review the book in great haste. Yours truly
Grace Greenwood.
Love to Ticknor. 


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Philadelphia, PA, US

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Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904, “Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Jan 3, 1854,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed February 21, 2024, https://www.archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/718.

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