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"Letters from the Capital," by Grace Greenwood, <em>National Era</em>, 1852

(excerpts) [...] The performances of Miss Cushman at the National Theatre, in our city, have been subjects of much interest in the week past. She has been playing a farewell engagement. To you, I know I need say nothing of the merits of this truly…

Grace Greenwood
Grace Greenwood is the pen name of Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott. Lippincott often signs her letters with her pseudonym. Greenwood travels Europe (for a certain period of time, she also travels with Cushman) in 1853 and publishes Greenwood Leaves with…

"Grace Greenwood in Italy," <em>New Hampshire Statesman</em>, Apr 16, 1853

GRACE GREENWOOD IN ITALY. From a private letter from Grace Greenwood, who is still residing at Rome, we are tempted to extract a few lines, which will be sure to interest her friends and admirers – whose name is legion. She writes: "I have had a…


The collection stores items related to the question of how gossip was talked about, referenced, and used in nineteenth-century periodicals. It showcases letters, diaries, articles, auto/biographical accounts of relevant journalists as well as exemplary gossip columns and articles.
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