Brewster in Rome, Inter Ocean, Feb 13, 1879

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Brewster in Rome, Inter Ocean, Feb 13, 1879


Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1818-1892
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Relationships-- Intimate--Same-sex
Social Events--Salons and Receptions


The note sketches Brewster's life in Rome and portrays her as a great hostess to many Americans and Italians living in Rome. The final passages addresses Brewster's relationship with Cushman. The article claims that Brewster thrives after Cushman's death, when Brewster could break free from the actress's "domineering temper."




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Very rarely on the corso is seen Anne Brewster, whose letters to the New York, Philadelphia, and Boston newspapers everybody knows. Miss Brewster is a dainty little lady with white hair, and a pronounced tendancy to regal trains and duchess-like laces that make her seem a veritable Queen Mab. She has elegant Monday receptions, where a long line of carriages block the Quattre Fontane before her house, and all best Americans in Rome, with not a few distinguished Italians, with jesuitical looking priests, are within her doors. Miss Brewster is a Roman Catholic, and her views of the political situation at Rome are taken from the very antipodes of feeling of the Post correspondent, Signora Bompiani. Reason feasts and souls flow at Miss Brewster's receptions in her interesting and artistic home, where are books that would almost make the most Christian of Bibliomaniacs a thief, and a bric-a-bac to make the most conscientious aesthetic housekeeper a kleptomaniac. This lovely home has given its hospitality to every distinguished or undistinguished American genius that has come to Rome for years. To Buchanan Reed, in his writing of hope and moral power, she many times gave a helping hand. She was the intimate school friend and the companion of the last years of Charlotte Cushman. It is said that the more gentle and refined lady was somewhat crushed--not by the genius, for genius does not crush, but lift her--but by the domineering temper and vigorous, but somehwat coars personality of her friend, and that since that friend's death she has blossomed like a flower into a social bloom and perfum that the great tragedienne despised.


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