"A Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters," Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895

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"A Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters," Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895


The article strives for a change of labels used for unmarried, successful women. They have been called 'old maids' but the authors makes a case for the term "women bachelors." Harriet Hosmer is mentioned as a prominent example and Charlotte Cushman as her "friend" who came with her to Rome in 1852. Hosmer's most renown scupltures are listed as well.


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"To marry or not to marry – that is the question" which vexes and perplexes every woman at some time in her career, and must be answered yea or nay. The ambitions plead that an unmarried woman is less hampered and trammeled than her married sister, and therefore a woman is better off without than with the life society of the tyrant man. It used to be the fashion and until very recently to style unmarried ladies past a certain age as old maids. Now they are women bachelors whether they be 25 or 55. Certain it is, a glance over the list of feminine bachelors shows that many women have earned fame and fortune unfettered or unaided by husbands. Here are a few interesting examples, which tell their own story. Miss Harriet G. Hosmer is the foremost woman sculptor of America. She is the daughter of a well-known physician and was born in Massachussetts sixty years ago. For forty years she has been a resident of Rome, going there in 1852 with her father and friend, Charlotte Cushman. Some of her celebrated works have been the "Beatrice Cenci," in the St. Louis public library, and the ideal figures, "Zenobia," "Puck," "Sleeping Faun," and the Pompeian Sentinel."Miss Hosmer has carved out a future with her chisel, and she was paid for one piece of work $25,000, the figure of Queen Isabella for the world's fair.


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