Anne Brewster Diary Entry, Nov 7, 1868

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Anne Brewster Diary Entry, Nov 7, 1868


Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1818-1892
Intimacy--As topic


Brewster writes about her relationship to the Reads and refers to issues that cannot be mentioned in a diary.


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Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1818-1892


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I can not give any rational account of my week. I have paid my visits, visited a cemetery an old church outside the walls of St Laurent, and walked on the +++ hill. But every thing is confused of course Then I am a little uncomfortable in mind about my po-sition with the Reads; they will not allow me to bear my share of expenses and insist that I shall be their guest this winter. For reasons I cannot with propriety mention even in a private journal I am unable to have any business talk privately with Mr [Buchanan?] Read, and his hospitable generous will shows such absolute distress when I insist upon having my expenses accounted for that I have been forced to yield I shall let matters shape themselves. It is pleasant to be with Mr & Mrs Read and so far as any feeling of depen -dence is concerned that can easily be balanced by gifts on my side to them, which will make me feel as agreeably as they do by conferring upon me a home & home circle There are some other causes of anxietes which I can not mention, not my own, but appertaining to my host, & hostess but I shall rest on the good God for guidance & aid Ah, what skeletons there are every where in life! But the Good father is above all & if we have faith & trust all will be right

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Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1818-1892, “Anne Brewster Diary Entry, Nov 7, 1868,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed February 21, 2024,

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