Reviews of St. Martin's Summer, Chicago Tribune, April 27, 1866

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Reviews of St. Martin's Summer, Chicago Tribune, April 27, 1866


Brewster, Anne Hampton, 1818-1892
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The list of reviews from different periodicals praises Brewster as a "cultivated mind" and the book as a "record of feelings."


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[...] "St. Martin's Summer" is the journal of a residence in Italy, and of a voyage through the Mediterranean. It is more concerned, however, with inner experiences than outward observation. The sights and sounds encountered, the love-making of certain young people in the party, various rides in the country,--in short, all little incidents which fall out in daily life, serve but to suggest some original reflection, or to recall some apt utterance of the masters of literature.--[Philadelphia Press.
This volume is the creation of a peculiarly refined and cultivated mind, and belongs to the first order of purely literary productions. * * * One of the most original and enjoyable books of the season.-- [Roxbury Journal.
Her account of the journey over Mt. Cenis, and her residence in Naples, with its delicious climate, peculiar people, historical measures, and wealth of art possesses a fascination and a charm quite remarkable.--[Chicago Christian Times and Witness.
The literary execution of the volume shows remarkable facility and grace of expression, as well as a rich store of historical and classical associations. It is a record of feeling and sentiment of beliefs and fears, of artistic impressions and enjoyments, of religious emotion, of romantic love, as well as of the passing outward events of the day--[N.Y. Tribune.
Miss Brewster writes with piquancy, taste, fullness of knowledge, and great sprightliness of imagination, and her book is one of the most entertaining of the season.--[Sunday School Times.
Wherever we open it there is something suggestive or engaging; and not even the overcharge of sentiment can conceal the reduement. the cultivation. the poetic insight of the writer, nor make the reader weary of the misty air of romance which she throws over her life in Italy, and all who come within the charmed circle.--[Hartford Press.
The whole book is full of interest.--[Presbyterian.



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