Bradford's "Charlotte Cushman" (1925/1932)

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Bradford's "Charlotte Cushman" (1925/1932)


In his biography Biography and the Human Heart (1932), Bradford republished the article (The North American Review, Vol. 221, No. 827 (Jun. - Aug., 1925)) as a chapter. Other biographical chapters covered Walt Whitman or Henry Longfellow, for instance.


Bradford, Gamaliel, 1863-1932


The North American Review





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The North American Review, Vol. 221, No. 827 (Jun. - Aug., 1925):
  • account of her life, upbringing in wealthy family and neighborhood
  • transatlantic fame
  • describes her as very social
  • mentions Stillman’s account (does not mention source, but quotes in Stillman’s biography); contrasts Stillman’s analysis with his own observations from letters (at least he mentions letters once, no sources given!), performances, public perception, and his intuition?; he also uses phrases such as “She used to say” (693)
  • considers Stillman's to be too one-sided and not balanced enough; "There is little evidence besides Stillman’s to support this extreme view" (694-695) mentions Fields’s account here ("remark" --> diary, letters?); "her great moral qualities" (697); her mentions of God taken as evidence
  • interestingly, he does NOT mention her relationships to other woman but decided to mention a "young man from an excellent family" that she became associated with romantically; he even mentions her "prospective mother in law" (693)
  • describes her as passionate, impulsive, ambitious
  • he doesn’t think that she "sighed for a complete transference to the other sex" (696) and now wait for the explanation: it was a perfect combination to benefit from "masculine energy and feminine privileges" (696)
  • Mrs Carlyle mentioned concerning an analysis of CC’s character
  • "her eminent and unfailing loyalty is denied by no one" (697) positive perspective on what Stillman describes opposing views


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Bradford, Gamaliel, 1863-1932, “Bradford's "Charlotte Cushman" (1925/1932),” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed January 23, 2021,

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