Busts for Music Hall, Ladies' Repository, May 1868

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Busts for Music Hall, Ladies' Repository, May 1868


In the section "Literary and Artistic," an article about Cushman in the Atlantic Monthly is mentioned, in which she is praised as a "distinguished countrywomen" and lover of art who has discovered a Danish sculptor genius. She has ordered casts of his work as gifts for the Music Hall.


The Ladies' Repository, May 1868, pp. 398





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There is an especial attraction at Child's, in the plaster busts and bracketts presented by Charlotte Cushman to the Music Hall of her native city. While Bostonians may well be proud of Miss Cushman, she is equally sensible of the honor of being born in the American Athens, and evinces her love for her childhood's home by thus sending, from Italy to Boston, these admirable specimens of modern art. The Atlantic Monthly for April thus refers to these busts and their donor:
"Our distinguished countrywoman, Miss Charlotte Cushman, who has so long lived in Rome, became interested, some time since, in a Danish sculptor, a fellow-worker of Thorwaldsen, Willhelm Matheiu by name, who, though he has created real works of genius, lives there, poor and old, and comparatively unknown. Several years ago he designed and executed for the Grand Duchess Helena, of Russia, busts of three great musical composers. Miss Cushman captivated by the beauty of he work, and wishing to help the artist and to make his merit known, and at the same time pay a graceful compliment to her native city, ordered casts of these works, whcih she has sent as a gift for the adornment of the Music Hall, with which she had associated her name by her recital of the Ode of the Ode written for the inauguration of its Great rgan. [...]"



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