Letter from Wayman Crow to Edwin Cushman, Dec 8, 1861

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Letter from Wayman Crow to Edwin Cushman, Dec 8, 1861


Crow, Wayman, 1808-1885
Cushman, Edwin "Ned" Charles, 1838-1909
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Political Affairs
United States--Boston


Wayman Crow informs Edwin Cushman that someone from the 'firm' died, which may offer Ned to join Crow's organization, depending on financial and social aspects. There is talk of deficiency and general corruption in Washington, and Cushman has to decide whether to stay in Boston or leave and find an occupation that enables the family to spend several months at the seaside each year. The offer is likely to depend on Ned being able to invest. Crow advises Ned to only mention the issue to Ned's aunt, Charlotte Cushman, but to nobody else.


Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


Crow, Wayman, 1808-1885


LoC, CCP, Box 10: 2984-2985





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[2984] St Louis, Dec 8 1861
my dear Sir
I have been thinking lately that as the death of M Conery[?] will necessarily devolve a change in our firm, that I would bring it before your mind & Emma's that there may be an opportunity for your coming into it in the organization of a new concern. we have not decided yet when the change will be announced & it may be deferred for some months, or may take place earlier, as it depends not only on financial but political relations, which these times we cannot forsee & must await thiss development. Indeed the +++ of such a connection & the continuence here of a business f which has been 26 years established must depend in the political relations of the State & the country at large. my own hopes an sanguine - still when I see such a lack of common sense & common honesty in many in high places, & sometimes almost despair. Here is very little good administration talent at washington [sic], & if the Goverment [sic] fails to maintain its supremacy I will be because of the deficiency alluded to, & the general corruption of the people But to come back to business, if the

[reverse] union feeling continues to prevail in this state the opening for business will be good & it will be conducted chiefly on[?] a cash basis. Now the question for you to decide on[?] whether you will prefer to continue in Boston & trust to the great uncertainty of estalishing a connection or emplaysnict getting any thing +++ employment and home a fine climate of pleasant society or forego the climate & possibly something of society, & avail of an opening (if it offers) here that +++ perhaps pay quite enough to enable your family to spend 4 or 5 months of the year, & if needed for their health) at the seaside. & at same time have occupation of both mind & body. Here are many points of view in what it +++ +++ both you & Emma to look it & you can do so in time to be ready for action when the oppertunity offers. I have no doubt that for the happiness of each of you employment is essential. You must work in some sphere & have some +++ time & object in life both for your happiness & that of your wife +++ Labor is the ordination of man. I know you +++ to enter upon it & only wait a suitable opportunity If the opening alluded to

[2985] occurs it may afford a chance It is not improbable the use of so or 25.000 $ Capital may be quite a means of your getting a becoming[?] connection, as the present concern will have lost so much by the rebellion, by the withdrawal of Mr M Conery's means, that capital will be an object. I bring this subject to your consideration that you may think of it, & if you deem it necessary consult your aunt - I think however that beyond her you & Emma had better say nothing of it to any party whatever as it all depends on contingencies which are so uncertain, it is not well to talk of changes until they are decided upon. This leaves us all well – May is getting to feel quite [sic] at home & we think is +++ +++ with "turn +++ of bread". Love to Emma which[?] her mother joining[?], I hope she will use her exercise +++ & carefully
Wayman Crow


Crow, Wayman, 1808-1885


Cushman, Edwin "Ned" Charles, 1838-1909


St Louis, Missouri

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Crow, Wayman, 1808-1885, “Letter from Wayman Crow to Edwin Cushman, Dec 8, 1861,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed July 18, 2024, https://www.archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/218.

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