Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Dec 27, 1852

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Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Dec 27, 1852


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904
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Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Greenwood has entrusted Dr. Hosmer with a letter to Fields upon his return to America, in which she reports how well she is doing in Italy. She is in good health and immensely enjoys the artistic society of Rome. She praises the Bennoch's hospitality and stresses how dearly she misses Fields. 
Greenwood inquires whether Fields has published a new edition of one of her books since she left America and wonders if they are selling well. She is anxious about paying Fields back his advances.


Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Huntington, JTFP, Box 40, FI 1781





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[page 4 – included on page 1] P.S.— Will you let me know if you have published my a new [last two words inserted] edition of any one of my books since I left America. and if they are selling at all. You cannot conceive how anxious I am that they should sell, enough & repay you somewhat for what you have advanced me of late. By the way I have not heard anything more of the 75 pounds Mr. Ticknor wrote that he had sent. It has not come to hand. I shall not want it before spring. but I wish to know that it is quite safe somewhere.— You had best send all letters through Mr. Bennoch. again a dear.

[page 1] Dear Mr. Fields.
Dr. Hosmer who is about returning to America, having offered to take letters for me, I am writing a nice [?] note a piece to a great number of friends. Will you accept one of these believing that it is but the twentieth part of what I could and would gladly say to you. though you have never vouchsafed me a word since you left England. You have probably heard from Mr. Ticknor and seen in the "Era" how much I like Italy and how favorable its climate has proved to my health. I am wonderfully improved in appearance, strength and spirits since I left Paris. Everybody sees [?] and I feel.— I scarcely re-

[page 2] member being at any period of my life so well and strong. of course, under such circumstances, I am in good spirits, and full of courage. I sometimes suffer a little from homesickness. but it is very little I assure you. I am very pleasantly situated for the winter. with all the comforts and quiet of a home about me. and hardly any care. We go out very little but have pleasant Wednesday evening receptions. I enjoy the artistic society of Rome greatly, and especially like the Crawfords, the Pages, the Shaws [?] and Storeys.— I often hear you spoken of by your old friends. as I like to hear you spoken of. kindly. warmly, appreciative and regretfully. You are missed this winter.

[page 3] I hear from our good friend Mr. Bennoch every time he forwards a package of letters
I cannot tell you how kind both he and Margaret were to me during my last visit at their house. nor how grateful I am, and shall ever be to them. God bless them! They were very attentive also to Bayard Taylor and he enjoyed his visits to Blackheath Park highly. Dr. Hosmer has promised to see you or Mr. Ticknor and tell you all about our life in Rome. so making up for the brevity and of this hurried note I hope you will write to me soon. a good long funny [?] Fieldsy letter. Remember me affectionately to dear Mr. Ticknor and believe me ever sincerely and cordially your friend. Grace G.


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Rome, Italy

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