Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 11, 1848

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Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 11, 1848


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Greenwood is dissatisfied with Fields' previous hastily written letter as he forgot to refer to her concerns regarding the publishing of her poems. She is still intent on publishing her poems in a separate volume and asks Fields to solely publish her prose as mixing up poetry and prose would not go well.
Greenwood also thanks Fields for the copy of Doctor Bolens' new edition whose poetry she passionately admires. She further wants him to send his own collection of poems.


Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Huntington, JTFP, Box 41, FI 1748





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[page 1] My dear friend
Your "hasty plate" of epistolary lout [?] came duly to hand. When you are obliged to write me another such a hurried letter just put it off till the next time. Why, it was no answer to mine at all, at all. you say nothing to my proposition of publishing my poems separately, or in some way making two volumes out of the concern [?]. I do not quite like the idea of mixing up the poetry with the prose, making the publication an odd affair, "neither fish, flesh nor good red herring". Suppose you should only publish prose for me, and let the poetry go to. some other publisher. But perhaps this is looking and asking you to work to [sic] far ahead. N'importe, your eyes will +++ be dazzled by the splendid vision of +++. thus in the dim distance — afar amidst [?] the dark mountains of space [?]. Well, I suppose that by this time. you have read that poem. I hope

[page 2] Webster was sober, yet I can but fear that you, my friend were intoxicated. with applause. for I would not insinuate that when with the +++ was you would do as the +++ do. Why do you +++  +++ [inserted] me by writing my name "Sara J. Clarke". I know that it is (the J.) is a very respectable member of the alphabet, but I can lay claim only to +++ and in expression.- "a poor thing, but mine own." Thanks "not loud but deep" for your offer of a copy of Bolens' new Ed. [edition?] you know well my passionate admiration of the Doctor's poetry, which unlike his medicine is "not hard to take". Send the book if possible. Oh my friend! And at "one good turn deserves another", send at the same time, your own collection of poems published some time, and at my "rejoiced spirit,- aint [sic] them a Longfellowan touch! - and let my rejoiced spirit I say, wander the +++. the pleasant. +++ of Poetry as well as his +++ in the beautiful Homes of the Nine. It is well I had not the +++ that  +++ viva voce, for I could not

[page 3] have looked in your face afterward. You could send the books by mail to Tallston [?] Pa [Pennsylvania?] - or by Adams express, to me, care of G. M. Harton [?], Pittsburgh. Pardon the nonsense of this letter. In great haste.
Sincerely yours
Sara J. Clarke


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


New Brighton, PA, US

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Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904, “Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 11, 1848,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed August 10, 2022, https://www.archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/730.

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