"NEW MUSIC", Morning Chronicle, May 11, 1855

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"NEW MUSIC", Morning Chronicle, May 11, 1855


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


This article announces the release of six songs written and composed by Elizabeth Philp and dedicated to Charlotte Cushman and reviews them.


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Six Songs, composed by ELIZABETH PHILP, and dedicated to her friend Miss Cushman. Cramer and Beale, and Mills.
1. Oh! had I the Voice of a Bird.
2. The Sea hath its Pearls.
3. Moonlight.
4. From the close shut window.
5. The Soul and the Sea.
6. Good Night.

The lovers of sentimental music will find in these brilliant compositions a few gems of expression and feeling that will prove highly acceptable additions to their resources. In point of musical excellence and literary beauty they are decidedly superior to the ordinary run of productions of the same class, and the talented composer has shown herself no less a mistress of her art than a discerning judge of the fitness of poetical thoughts for musical rendering. A first trial of them will suffice to show that they possess a single degree of merit, and that Miss Philp has succeeded more than the generality of composers in giving full effect to combined musical and poetical impressions. The last of the set, "Good Night," is an admirably arranged tenor song, and tells with wonderful effect in a drawing-room, for which place the beautiful words of Longfellow, and the richness and elegance of the music, peculiarly fit it. "Oh! had I the Voice of a Bird," has been arranged upon the graceful verses of "Melopoyn," in the Patriotic Fund Journal, and will be sure to find many admirers. Two, three, and four admit of an effect almost dramatic, so completely does any musical mind associate the music with the poetry. The two other songs are also very beautiful, and will share largely in the favours with which the general series has been already received. It is only necessary to add that the pieces are got up in the first style of art, and our hope that an extensive and well-merited sale will encourage these promising efforts of a composer, for the exercise of which our musical répertoires still offer a large field.



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