Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, July-Dec 1845 (Vol. 2)

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Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, July-Dec 1845 (Vol. 2)


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Muspratt, Susan Cushman, 1822-1859


Remarkably, Cushman's sister Susan and her mother are mentioned in the reports as wanting "a share of the fruits of Shakspeare's [sic] island." Cushman is characterized as a gifted and "prosperous actress."


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July 5, 1845:
Miss Cushman's success with the London public has, it should seem, tempted others of the family to adventure for a share of the fruits of Shakspeare's island. A sister of the prosperous actress has quitted Philadelphia for England, accompanied by her mother.
July 19, 1845:
PRINCESS'S.—Last Tuesday was the concluding night of Miss Cushman's engagement at this theatre for the present season. 'The Stranger' was the play chosen for the occasion. The part of Mrs. Haller is no favourite with us, nevertheless as the actress's most successful assumption, it was perhaps wisely chosen. In other characters, Miss Cushman had shown great physical energy and force of passion: in this, she exhibited a quiet power and a tender pathos which has repeatedly commanded the applause of numerous audiences, and uniformly penetrated the "sacred fount of sympathetic tears." In concluding our notices of this lady, we have only to add, that for her success she has been little indebted to the management. The general inefficiency of the mise en scène,and of the histrionic talent of her coadjutors, has been marked and unprecedented in modern theatrical experience. So far therefore the new actress has stood alone: and it is much, that she has con trived to get through, not only with safety but honour, an ordeal more than usually perilous, for more, we believe, than eighty nights. Since her final appear ances were announced, she has attracted crowded houses, and has reason, we think, to be satisfied with the enthusiasm of the audience on the evening of her farewell.
Dec 27, 1845:
Here are two other single prints: a coarse and clumsy lithograph of Herr Pischek, from a portrait by Steinbach; and an impressive likeness of Miss Cushman, in the character of Mrs. Haller, litho graphed after a drawing by Mr. Watkins,—we believe an American artist.


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