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Frances Elliot's Roman Gossip (1894)

Elliott_Roman Gossip Excerpt.pdf
Elliot's account of Rome displays his experiences and descriptions of the city. The preface defends gossip as a valid source of information for "domestic" and "familiar" stories that add to those widely known. Credit HathiTrust Digital Library

"How Charlotte Cushman Came to Play 'Nancy Sykes,'" The Superior Times, Oct 26, 1878

1878. Superior_Times_Sat__Oct_26.pdf
The reprint from Brewster's article for the Boston Advertiser speaks to Cushman’s performance as Nancy Sykes before she went to England. It is a glowing review and covers Cushman’s financial precarity and beginning of her career. The article is…

Note about Brewster Article, The Bucks County Gazette, Feb 2, 1882

1882. The_Bucks_County_Gazette.pdf
The note refers to a Brewster article for the Boston Advertiser. It mentions the Baroness von Bulow who, according to Brewster, shows "devotion" to her grandfather Liszt. Credit

"Some Curious Particulars About the Illness and Habits of the Pope," Jackson County Banner, May 24, 1877

1877. Jackson_County_Banner. Curious Particulars Pope.pdf
This reprint from the Philadelphia Bulletin speaks to the Pope's health and favorite food. Credit

"Our Artists in Rome," Public Ledger, Aug 16, 1876

1876. Public_Ledger. Our Artists in Rome.pdf
The article reprints a part of a Brewster article for the Boston Advertiser in which the journalist lists US-American artists who left Rome to spend the summer elsewhere. Brewster mentions Story and Tilton among others. Credit

"Art and Artists," Boston Evening Transcript, May 22, 1876

1876. Boston_Evening_Transcript. Art and Artists.pdf
The reprint of a Brewster article in the Phildelphia Bulletin describes Alma Tadema's studio in Rome. Credit

"A Dish of Italian Scandal," Chicago Tribune, Oct 18, 1872

1872. Chicago_Tribune_Fri__Oct_18. Italian Scandal.pdf
This reprint of a Boston Adertiser Letter by Brewster recounts a quarrel between the Saxon Duchess Marguerite and King Victor Emmanuel. Credit

Anne Brewster Diary Entry, Nov 7, 1868

ABP Box 4 1, diary Nov 1868. Rome. Things unmentionable in a diary.pdf
Brewster writes about her relationship to the Reads and refers to issues that cannot be mentioned in a diary. Credit The Library Company of Philadelphia

"American Artists in Rome," Washington Union, March 26, 1853

1853. The_Washington_Union. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The Washington Union reprints part of a Greenwood article for the National Era. At the end, a passage on Gibson and Hosmer is added, which is transcribed here. Credit

"Greenwood Leaves from over the Sea," National Era, March 10, 1853

1853. The_National_Era. GG Leaves.pdf
The article discusses the work of several US-American artists in Rome. It ends on a note about the carnival in Rome. Credit